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~inflicted Pain~

~inflicted Pain~

thoughts of you woke me up this morning
bringing back the same sad feeling
the emptiness that for a long time ive had
loneliness that can no longer be denied

pieces of yesterday brought tears to my eyes
remembering our promise of no-goodbyes
but eventhough everything has been and done
i strongly believe its God's special plan

it took me so long to try getting over you
did every little thing that my friends told me to
ive gone out and had fun, reflect then broke down
but still in this heart you remain my only one

i hope that in time i would learn to let you go
and ill take these mem'ries with me wherever i go
but just like a river that would take a lifetime to dry
i guess this letting go might turn out to be a lie

as long as i breathe, ill keep you here with me
i might meet somebody, but never would he replace what you've been to me
my love would fade and our dreams wont come true
but nothing would beat the pain of not having you

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