Inglorious Fools In Power!

All politicians act according to their whimsicality being rolling stones ever,
Being bachelors due to their nature ever as square peg in round hole in life;
Caring none, they go on with their own policies to dictate all holding top posts;
Die hard kind of nature of them never allows them to be normal like others ever!

Everymove they make by fluke chance succeeds brings encomiums from their chief;
Fooled by their cajoling talks, they are ever in the good books of top leaders;
Gaining power fortunately, they think themselves as real leaders born to rule;
High position jobs are far away from ground realities of society to realize truth!

Iconic nature of their status makes them always utter words of promises teasing all;
Joining hands with like-minded rolling stones, such fellows at the helm of affairs
Keep on going ahead with their pet ideas to change existing order as to their tune;
learning nothing about the hardships people face, they go on at top speed in work!

Many unsuitable measures they take all of sudden to stun all in the name of action
Needed to clear cobwebs of previous lackadaisical administration in all walks of life;
Obviously, in the course of their rule, opposition will always try means to topple
Power they hold exposing them in their true colours to people in elections with fun!

Quite not satisfied by their rule, people experience hurdles in all their transactions;
Restoring normalcy in the style of functioning of government becomes an impossible one;
System's faults and drawbacks of inept rulers in true colours give better chance to others;
Truth will come finally, as known by all, to show performance scale pointing downwards!

Unanimous approval they get as their majority position in power is such that all go awry;
Vagaries of working life of many carried away by promises of people in power go on nonstop;
Waves of problems remaining unsolved, people move on with tight fist to give blow to them!

X and Y like ones have no voice to give went to their feelings having supported fools;
yearnings of all not happening in reality, many simply wait for time to change regime;
Zeal of men in power not knowing reality, try one after the other in vain hoping for better!

by Ramesh T A

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And the meek ones will inherit the earth as you see very clearly through our dismal history, that the inclination of man is ruinous and we cannot direct our path. We need Him who made us to direct us. A humble heart is the key to eternity,