I got my inheritance and did my poppa proud
How much I got is a secret and I never speak out loud.
I did buy a white 300.HP. boat and a bronco too
My poppa would be proud of what I did do.

Then I went on a cruise from hither to yon
I even bought a plane to fly to the great beyond.
Women filled my life when before I had only one
My poppa would be proud; that old son of a gun.

I stayed at the best, I had the best and I had my fill
I took my friends with me everywhere I went and I paid the bill.
My poppa would be proud of what I did because of him
That old preacher son of a gun who knew all about sin.

I bought two condo's, one van and two cars I could race
I went everywhere, every time and every place.
Now my money has been spent and friends long gone
My poppa would still love me, for to him I did belong.

I had the best and done the worse
My inheritance from poppa turned out to be curse.

01-31-06 Aho Speaks

by AHO Speaks

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