IIB (28/09/1990 / south africa)

Inherited Torment

Inherited torment in my mind
Witnessing the causes of unhappiness
In various patterns
Voicing their clamor to deaf ears
Begging the unseen to intervene
In the existing negative situation
That crosses and punishes the mind
Losing inner divine connectedness

Only the intensity of your presence
To eradicate my powerful measure of success
Bestow upon my consciousness
More time to comprehend the essence of my routine existence

How do I keep the past alive with the present
Am certain of nothing anymore
Except the incompleteness
That fills and feeds my uncertainties

Can I ever escape from all kinds of pain
And remain eternally immune to pain

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we can never escape pain/sorrow...we can only hope there's enough joy to cancel it out....or balance it out....