Poem Hunter
TTT (1979-present / San Leandro)


A bulky man in black and a badge
Took a man's necklace
He clasped his hand around it and asked
'What are these crack rocks? '
His face was red and full of temper
And he replied
'No they are pieces of my
Grandmother's grave stone.'
He laughed at this black pigmented man
And replied 'Oh is that so? '
He threw them to the ground and stepped on them
Saying 'What do you think about that boy? '
'I think I am black and under attack.'
This white man with a badge only laughed
To anger this pulled over man
Who had not been drinking
But who smelled of smoke
He was angered so much that
He threw out some fighting words
He was charged with assault
Under bogus pretenses
He was allowed to fight the charges
But he would have to stay in the pen
Until the trial was over
He decided against it
His charges were virtually all dropped
But he got probation

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