Injustice Done

Gentle, joyful, contented, a morning filled with strife
in the beginning.

Going to a pool tournament with my husband, and a friend,
everyone happy and excited to be there.

Getting to the senior center, talking, joking having a
good time, anticipating the game of strategy and chance.

Suddenly rules of the game changed from what they were
advertised to be, upsetting all pool players.

Getting riled before the game even began, going from
playing doubles to single elimination.

Talking to some of the players about it privately, when
the director of the center came over and started talking
rudely for no apparent reason at all.

She had no business butting into our conversation, then
started talking louder, treating seniors like children.

This director was rude, obnoxious, treating them dis-
respectfully, being a racist, so we turned her in.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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