Somethings strange has comeover me in the midst of High School
Im making rash decisions, acting as if i was a high fool but,
This feeling inside is pulsing poetic
I just cant stop writing or go back to re-edit
Because the way its happening now, to me, seems all fine
So i write my feelings in all rhyme
In hopes that you will be all mine
My friends call me a hopeless romanticist
I cant help people with actions, but with poems you can call me a philanthropist
And while going through these changes, Im still thinking of you
I break it down simple: I wrote poetry
Because you inspire me, your the ink in my pen
As cliche as it sounds i wont write that again
Because around you I feel peacefulness and Zen
and i want to be with you until infinite times ten
then start right over again and then see if still then
That you could still be the precious ink in my pen
To be honest, Your way out of my league
And I'd run to you for miles, do the greatest deed
Until i stop at your tower and you let down your hair
Im finally at your level, into your eyes i stare
And i get lost in them but then find myself in your heart
By this time my hearts pumping at rates way off the charts
Because we'll forever be together, like Barbie and Ken
Now I know, you will always be the Ink to my pen

by Jason Murak

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