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Inner Batman

I got the batman within me
Hiding in the shadows before I made a plea
I'm a bad man
Let me tell you how it began
Hiking in the mountains
Stumbled along a mysterious four fountains
Entered a cave full of hungry bats
I felt I belonged somehow, then the cave started to collapse
The bats and I tried to escape with our lives
Trapped and then my hunger started to terrorise
They all heard and surrounded me
One big bite came upon my knee
Followed by a terrifying scream
Entering a frantic dream
Waking up with a batman suit
Greeted with a salute while offering me a plate of fruit
Seeing the chances to escape
They marched in a line behind my cape
Having this weird urge to fight villains
I'm a bad man with millions
Occurred when I took the 1st mission
I'm let out only by their permission
Standing on the rooftops
And peeking in night corner shops
It's a life I now know
It's the inner batman.

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