Inner Battle

I have fought many battles and walked away from them all. Some were harder then others and the wounds deep and plenty, but I was strong and had surviied.

Today is different, I come to you on fallen knees begging you to please, just set me free. You have won, I admit defeat, this war I fight I can not win. For my body has grown weak, my soul even weaker. There is no more hidden streanth for me to pull out in my hour of need. My heart is heavy with sorrow and pain.

So I ask you to grant me this wish, come to me this night and lay yourself beside me, place my head upon your chest, ease my mind of it's worries, remove this weight from upon my shoulders and take away the pain and misery I've endured.

As I drift off to sleep let me feel you wrap your golden wings around me and let me and my soul finally rest in peace!

by Lisa Rojo

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