Inner Demon

Poem By Rachard Logan

Oh how I long wished to hear the tolling of the bell,
So I could witness that demon pulled down to that torturous hell

Try as you may, you can't send me away
I'll be here until the end of your black days
So how about we find some exciting games to play

Be gone from here you dastardly fiend
Full of spite, evil, and the lecherous obscene
Disembark now! Leave this place
Your existence—being—an utmost disgrace

A disgrace, but how could I possibly leave without a trace?
I'm just 1 of 666 that wears your troubled face
Tell me now, how does that anger taste?
It's quite sad how you look so mad
Be like me, smile and be glad

I refuse to be like you, filled with the most unholy of sins
Void of valued face, nothing but a cracked grin,
And even worse yet! You're Satan's friend

No matter how hard you try to defend,
Silly mortal. We are the darkness within
Know that, here, there is no light
None what so ever that could alleviate your plight
Ha, think you're pure and bright as the sun
You're not in any story, The Good Samaritan for one

Quiet now, fiend, listen I no more!

Aw, pity now. Are your ears sore?
Don't you know it is your madness which we truly adore?
That anger and passion you feel boiling at the core
Face it now; you're a slave to your mind
Reigned in with a leash, pulling it so you can jump, and forcing you to twitch
We have control over you mind and body, every inch
Long have you unknowingly bled
From your mind seeps a most crimson red
Don't you know we're the ones that kept you from being dead?

You lie! I don't believe this once—you appall

So says the words you etched on your mind's walls
Well now, I think I may be done
See you later, human. Be prepared for some more fun

I had refused, so to my head I placed the gun
Even though I try to stand and fight, in the end I only run
And just like that, the bells, I heard, have finally rung

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