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Inner Hunger-Cauchy3
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Inner Hunger-Cauchy3

Poem By cheung shun sang

Inner hunger..
Inner hunger grows to share.
Gods will saw the domes in might.
Feel as near to loll are hares.
Bucker mugs will come to inns.

Ready passed are peoples’ needs.
Really costs are logo necks.
Freeze hands are all to deem.
Gods detest a bio-test.

Any links to grasses are dear.
Pounces with lessons go near.
Pounce on powers get the nets.
Rectory reads the nulls to keys.

Gods detest a Bio-loss.
Pounce on powers pilot a lot.
Knocking shops have bits to play.
Meet the OK as gods on May.
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---

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