MA (March 27,1951 / India)

Inner Light Is Finally Shining

Inner light is finally beginning to shine
People are no longer watching from sidelines
They are willing to look beyond their concerns
Help is pouring out all of a sudden.

Whether by lighting a candle or marching in silent protest
Against those who mindlessly perpetrate
Crime, or to help a software techie paralysed
And do whatever for the guy so traumatized.

Today I read the Tamil government has given eunuchs
Their rightful place as a third sex
These are signs to help those marginalised
Mere slogans are not enough it’s finally realised.

All is not lost
There is still hope
Let’s all be the change we want
And not wait for a magic wand

To heal ourselves and all others out there
Because charity begins at home but does not end there
Winds of change are blowing
Winds of change are blowing

Inner light is finally shining
There is yet hope, it is so heartening.

Note—written after reading some news items in the newspaper

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I'm very happy Mamtaji. This is a very inspirational poem. I wish you take up more such burning issues for your beautiful prose.......very well done..........10
all is not lost, there is stil hope. Indeed, being human means being hopeful. i liked this alot. great write, Mamta