Inner Peace!

Well below your ego
There's a place that doesn't care
What people say or think or do
It's very peaceful there

This place is deep inside you
It's way beneath your skin
The stillness that surrounds you there
Is you without the spin

It's soul, unspoilt, it's raw
Untouched by human mind
Affected not by boxes
Or labels of any kind

When you can find your inner peace
Anytime or place
No matter what is happening
You have your own calm space

by Vanessa Hughes

Comments (14)

My inner peace came and went years ago but I loved this poem of yours
This is such a lovely poem, apparently simple, but deep in its contents! Enjoyed reading! !
Lovely encouraging poem conveying noble thoughts. Fortunately, these are distant from the circle of undesirable, greedy life contexts of these days... May inner peace be with you everyday!
Impressive but not surprising! This well crafted write delivers a powerful message to the delight of all who can read it! Peace of Mind only obtained first by your inner-self like you well stated it! It is not easy but it can be done by making a great effort and with strong determination, as long as you at life through a telescope and not a microscope! 10+++ Thank you for sharing and keep it up! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City!
I really like this poem, it is so true, and something we all need to do. Flows and rhymes beautifully.
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