Inner Peace

Pitter pat pitter pat.
The dark grey sky opens up
Down comes the rain.
As I lay in wait
For what I do not know.
It washes away the pain
And leaves me to my thoughts.
The carpet is soft, the air is cool.
As the rain falls it distorts the
World in my window.
Giving me a new view.
It cools my soul and my
Troubles slide away.
The storm can creep
As I find my inner peace.
As I drift away in sleep.
As the rain whispers
For each a tale to tell.

by Andrew Turner.

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A well penned and poignant write which obviously shows your great talent! Thanks for sharing! 10+++Keep it up! Love and Peace for always! ...
Wow this is really great the change of view just by a droplet of rain well done Love Chyna