Inner Reflections

Poem By Emily Angel

Never have I told myself
Life is but milk and roses.
I daren't dream
Of what's not real.

But can't I hope that
Nothing's impossible?
Is it just me or
is this earth round?

'Cause it seems to have
No end where we can hault.
Terror always seems eternal
But bliss a mere mirage.

Tell me, My Beloved, this.
Is there really an answer?
Or is it just a myth I believe
To keep myself alive?

Little does one know
Of the future ahead.
And our past, we try
Forever to forget.

It feels like I am standing
At the edge of a cliff.
One foot forward and
I fall to my end, to those
Depths immeasureable.

Comments about Inner Reflections

i like the 'standing on the edge of a cliff'...i have felt that when i was younger-and i made it till this age, so i know you will make it too. you write nice lines, write more okey
Hats little poetess

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