Inner Revolution

Poem By Meghan

brain cells constricting, alcohol restricting mental stimulation
configuring pathways to elation, neural striations rotating and changing the natural arrangement (placement)
suffocate your conscience and choke out morality
blind your mind's eye so it cannot see
drowning in your own ecstasy, your soul gains lucidity and retains no familiarity and at what cost is this loss?
my emotional balance is tossed and turned before it's own sleep, a creature of comfort, creeps back into itself and the process becomes less and less as grows the habit
take the heart and stab it, rid it from this volatile atmosphere
for it no longer has a place here
this complacive nature is trained to believe in the powers that be and it seems that everything happens for a reason but you always have the freedom to change your situation
our own fear stands in the way of our revolution, your contribution to the world can be constantly evolving with each day the Earth is revolving
and if you find yourself on the dark side of it all remember in the changing of the seasons, the sun will catch your fall
the joyless heart never really beats until it breathes the breath of love

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