Inner Storm

Once upon a night to ponder, my thoughts within began to
Wander, the lighting came streaking down.
Thus I sat quite awed with fright, deafened with thunder and
Fear of the night. I envisioned with horror and wonder, my
Home struck and bursting asunder. Thus I sat quite still.
The wind renewed its ominous wailing, I saw the sea with
Dark ships sailing, my heart within was truly failing.
My intuition told me, I was destined to die, I couldn't yet
My life has been a lie. I was involved in fearful thinking
When I shed a tear, eyes blurred and blinking, I looked with
disbelief at the mirror on the wall. It mirrored me for all
the world to see, MY INNER SOUL WAS BARED
The storm by now had grown fiercer, the elements were in a
Rage, I felt trapped within a cage. A Definite chapter in my
LIFE. Winds were howling, thunder crashed, lighting flashed
Across my room. Trees were falling meeting sudden doom.
I sat up in my bed in horror, feeling some unearthly terror.
Was the satanic bearer there to fetch and punish me? Pulling
My covers around me tightly, which was my custom nightly so I
Could hide from dreams that proved unrightly and were a
Menace to my soul. I closed my eyes and prayed to the Lord
Remove oh remove the power of this sword that is working
To cut into my very soul, Blinding me from my eternal goal.
I pled the blood of Jesus on my mortal being, and He knew
Without seeing that chief of sinners was truly me, thus I
Made a frantic plea. I did by this admission make my true
Confession that of this life, I'd made a sham and in humility
I am.
As I prayed the winds were stilled, I became calm, losing the
Chilled feeling that had engulfed me. The Lamb had removed my
Sin, it was no longer alive within. The Holy Ghost makes His
Home in my being, therein lies my calm for my God I am

by Bette Ziakin

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