Inner Thighs

I told you the truth.
And, in answer
to your question,
it is the inside
of your thighs,
that turns me on,
much more than
anything in life.
I do quite like
your eyes
your breasts
your hair,
your collagen.
And, read my lips:
I do love you,
YES, I can say it
yes, now.

Don't call me that,
I do have feelings,
I did say thighs,
not you-know-what,
Dammit, not true
I do like it
a LOT,
it is so...
well, give me
a tiny second,
I am no expert
in this, but yes,
you are correct,
you're not the first.
A past?
Are you implying
it was sordid,
no, surely not,
and just because
I am no expert
on those, well
you do -know-whats.
Why are you now
getting upset,
I'm being honest,
truthful you know
and realistic.
We had agreed to
tell the truth.
No, please don't cry,
I'll tell you what,
I really, truly, and no joke,
I do love every teensie,
and weensie bit and
every nook and cranny,
or better crevice
and there is nothing
I don't adore about you,
do you hear me?

Now that is better,
a little smile, well I just
love it when you're happy.
So can I now, that this is solved
kiss both your inner thighs?
What is it now? I did not use
those words like teensie, weensie,
at all, at all, well not like this.
Yes, they are plenty big,
and, no, they neither hang nor droop.
I never said that, they are scrumptious,
listen sweetheart, listen please,
love of my life, I need to tell you,
no longer can I keep this to myself,
It must be said, you are so perfect,
and there is no one reaching up to you.

Well, thanks I had considered saying this
in the beginning of our little talk.
So, let me take your lovely, perfect pantyhose
and any other useless garments off your perfect body.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (2)

That is really good. Old subject, new way of saying it. Lots of great lines, and a 10 on the whole. I even laughed a little ;)
Herbert, You had me wanting to hear all of her are so believable, so real. Great, Just Great! Theodora