He Loves Me.

Why does he love me?
I can’t love him
He never used to love me
Why now?
If he ignored me
Why now?
Is it because he’s single?
Or does he really love me?

by kaitlinn sendar

Comments (12)

congrats for the daily poem its marvelous
Bringing what's inside into the outdoor.... it's a nice poem that describes self conflict. The inner conflict helps an individual extract knowledge hidden inside. Thanks for sharing this poem with us, Sketcher Chandan
The battle inside! ! To overcome it with the muse of the truth. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Sometimes the heart and mind are in turmoil fighting an inner war. Life becomes a trying to fight it. The sooner it is dissipated the better. A nice poem on inner conflicts that go inside us. Congrats on being chosen poem of the day.
Inner conflicts, which can happen to anybody, have nicely been portrayed. Thanks, SR. I quote: My inner self is becoming a civil war....
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