Inner Violence

I feel a mad rush of violence soar,
Throughout my veins and out my pores,
I feel things I know not what for,
A battle inside of myself to restore,

by Sketcher Ridpath Click to read full poem

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A battle inside of myself to restore, A stable mentality or else I'm done for../// the agitation of inner inn the true mirror of life; insightful sight guides truly wherever it goes
Quite personal, but a very common experience, well crafted in to a poem, which deserves its positioning. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing. X
To recognise this battle is the beginning to changing it. You can do anything. Thank You Sketcher
Well penned poem, clearly showing the duality or good/evil that exists in our conscious mind. Congratulations! : -)
An insightful creation nicely brought forth in verse with rhythmic splendour. Thanks for sharing, Sketcher.
Well written piece with a little nod to Poe enjoyed thanks for sharing
Marvelous poem on inner conflicts of mind. All that is within us strives to express itself. In a very positive way it is expressed in these words. Once expressed we become the owner of our thoughts. Congratulations on a superb poem.
Watch out people, here come Sketcher Ridpath furiously inspired!
Very well crafted poem and has a sweet rhyming. There is a sort of war going on inside us always. It is for us to make peace with them and make the mind stable. Reading for second time and like to read again. Congrats of being selected as poem of the day.
A rage within outwards flows write.....well penned.
Great to hear such a well penned poem about the conflicts within the mind...I'm sure Sigmund Freud would have approved!
congrats for the daily poem its marvelous
Bringing what's inside into the outdoor.... it's a nice poem that describes self conflict. The inner conflict helps an individual extract knowledge hidden inside. Thanks for sharing this poem with us, Sketcher Chandan
The battle inside! ! To overcome it with the muse of the truth. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Sometimes the heart and mind are in turmoil fighting an inner war. Life becomes a trying to fight it. The sooner it is dissipated the better. A nice poem on inner conflicts that go inside us. Congrats on being chosen poem of the day.
Inner conflicts, which can happen to anybody, have nicely been portrayed. Thanks, SR. I quote: My inner self is becoming a civil war....
Surely the second line should read, 'Throughout my veins and out my pores'. And the first line. 'I feel a mad rush of violence soar'. With those changes to spelling and meaning the poem makes more sense.
Nice reflection on the inner turmoils and the way to expel it out.
Such a well crafted poem of the day..... Congrats for being chosen.......................10+++++++++++++++++++
A battle inside of myself to restore, A stable mentality or else I'm done for, My inner self is becoming a civil war, struggling from a psyhological terrific situation.... you have wonderfull portrayed such a mental state in this poem dear poet.......... there is always a way out. prayer is the best.. tony