Inner Zero Invites Paradise

Leave those circles of thoughts
Making you dizzy,
Enter a city with no traffic,
No alleys or animated bodies,
Where all is tranquil,
Fulfilled, in Love.

The puzzle is complete although
An image is absent to be noticed,
Everything is simultaneous nothing,
An inner zero is to be felt.

A road to take you there wasn't built,
Journeying isn't required,
What would the distance be?
Call of that search for this Paradise of Calm
This settling is always here,
Simply check in.

by Ayni Poet

Comments (3)

wonderful thoughts penned into a beautiful piece...I enjoyed reading..
A nice poetic imagination, Ayni. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
So glad I checked in! A lovely write and grand invitation to just __ blissings, namaste