Innocence- 02/10/2010

He clings onto my hand, crushing damp gravel as we stroll
Waddles unsteadily, a blonde bob of hair- that's all
Past fields and medows edged yellow daffodils
Humming nursery rhymes too complex for bills

Baa Baa black sheep..sheep..look sheep!
Cutest voice ever breaks out
Mirrored as the sun busts cloud
As he tightens the tiny grip on my forefinger

So much to talk about, explain and explore
Why is it that we don't know
That somewhere inside of us will always exist
Love and trust.. among all deposits

Swing him upwards and cradle in arms
Gurgling laughter is full of charms
And so I stare into bright blue eyes
See withered trees and so out sighs

Yet the dancing eyes stare out back
And I fear that it is I who lack
Trust and belief that though innocence may fade
There goes by not, without love, a single decade

Plant a kiss on his cheek and bless
That life always be full of happiness

Hirushi Jayasekera

by Hirushi Jayasekera

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