Poem Hunter
PF (03/01/90 / Knebworth, Hertz)


A blank page
Pure white as snow
Crisp and unclaimed
It feels wrong just to write

Once the words begin to flow
I'll be ok
Too late to go back now
The page innocently tainted

Tarnished with my thoughts
Corrupting the empty sheet
What is this?
A place void of all passion

Where is this going?
Reasonless innocence
Emotionless words
Strung out in a pattern

Thinking in my ignorance
That this very page has answers
The answers I need to understand
This page, stares blankly up

Stop. The words choke me
These words don’t come freely anymore
Discomfort at a shooting idea
Too quick to notice

Focussed light
Sunlight shining through a prism
Pure light
Cutting like glass through me

Leapt into my brain
The beam from this page
Messing up the wasted time
And settling on a face

Deep in my imagination
A face
Dowsed in light
And drenched in fear

It came so close to understanding me
But fell short
I decide I wasn’t meant to be understood
And let the moment pass

Rip up another sheer page
Regardless of its lack of answers
After all how can I find an answer
When I don’t know the question?

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