MD (9 April 1974 / Cape Town)

He Partho-Sarothi

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OK, but spoiled by the spelling error (disappears is correct) , careful poets check their work. Rhymed poetry needs lines of the same length, so the fourth verse doesn`t work, and the repeated first word tires the reader. And you should write little girl`s heart, you need the genitive.
A simple but beautiful poem on innocence. When lost is very hard to regain. But life must go on. Good.
Well expressed, full of emotion.
Beautifully written Mandi this poem about the theft of physical innocence. The innocence of the soul though remains intact.
I am so excited to read this poem, Mandi, and how well you have explained the disappearance of innocence- Innocence disappears like dew in the sun. Thank you very much.10 out of 10.
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