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Innocense Lost
TDP (December 13,1993 / Dekalb Medical Hospital)

Innocense Lost

standing in the bathroom
getting ready to take a shower
you came in without a knock
with a smile, and I was shocked
so rude I was thinking
not knowing what was going to happen next
then you started at my shirt
I yelled stop, I tried my best
you gripped and grabbed
I pushed and struggled to end it
but as it seems that wasn't enough
for your manly attention
you pulled my arm, slamming me against the wall
rubbed my innocense and started to fall
fall slowly, i gave up and felt weak in my struggle
screaming silently in pain as you entered my tunnel
I cried in silence from the yelling and exposure
praying to god he doesn't take me beyonder
it came to an end, where I lost the fight
lying there intense, trying to forget that awful night
but here I still stand, nice and strong, although
I still feel sorrow, covering up my soar wounds

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