MM (4th November 1993 / Lahore, Pakistan)

Innocent Mirror

Look into your mirror
And tell me what you see
Is it really you?
Or someone you cannot be

Don’t look at someone else’s mirror
And tell them who they should be
Looking in their mirror
Will not change what your mirror sees

When you look into your mirror
Are you sure you see yourself?
As you gaze into your eyes
Are you sure your eyes aren’t reflecting someone else?

It’s not the mirror’s fault,
That it reflects someone else
How do you expect a mirror to reflect you
If you don’t know who you are yourself

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this poem is so unique n lovely..... i was searching for poems on mirrors n all i got was poems starting wid 'mirror mirror on the wall', but this is the best poem on mirrors....i'll giv u 10! ! ! ! !
good work deserve 10 on 10.
Excellent. I have really enjoyed your poems you convey emotion well - keep at it!