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Innocent Victims

What turns men into killing machines, that blows apart lives and destroy innocent dreams? Look into the eyes of a child and may the pain that you see Haunt you as much as it haunt me.

Innocent lives destroyed by the things that they saw, In yet another pointless and brutal war.

Look at the tears stained faces of children whose homes has been blown in an attack they doesn't understand and certainly didn't start.

Feel the pains of children who has lost their limbs and ribs, can you explain the reason for this killings to them?

Or the little one weeping besides their dead ones, mothers and fathers, while ambulance and hearse crew try to save their brothers and sisters

Look at the orphans that these wars did create, and you will see another generations who will learn how to hate.

For as a heartbroken child cries in the still of the night, He dreams of the day when for REVENGE he will FIGHT!

by Tyovihi Terwase

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Very impressive write, Tyovihi. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.