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Innocently Accused
KWM ( / 2nd February)

Innocently Accused

Poem By Kimani wa Mbogo

Behind the bars completely unnoticed
Wailing, lamenting with a silent mournful sound
Choked by the presumptions of the wicked
An accuser who falsely witnessed aloud.

Bitter wailing and cry of an innocent
Perhaps from family jealous and antagonism
He can't be humbly and peacefully silent
As he remembers the dail cases of tribalism.

His bedfellow really sunk in the state of beggary
In town streets, wandering hopelessly
Sighing awfully  and often deep in a cry
A malnourished suckling always  snivelling bitterly.

What a bad an unpleasant occurrence
An innocent harshly suffering behind the bars
His talk always in vain and termed as annoyance
With no coin to allure the corrupt warders


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