Innovative Way

No fine from any
For breaking norms
Express ideas freely
Move like birds absolutely

To write in verses
The poem shall come into shape
The food shall be ready in plate

You have given new concept
Who knows people shall accept or not1
But you have aired your views
People may go through and review

Very simple and easy way
Safest way to say
In precise terms
For goal to be struck in urn

With one stone kill of two objects
Enemy is neutralized and laid to rest
The point is conveyed
Everybody is dismayed

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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The point is conveyed Richard Mueller24 minutes ago Indeed it has been made
een made Comment +1 good seemekc seemekc22 minutes ago I liked it Comment +1
Cant really judge this piece for its not the style I enjoy Ryan Enright23 minutes ago I'm not sure if it was done purposely but there is a 1 following who knows people shall accept or not
Dev Dutt Sharma likes this. Hasmukh Mehta welcome Just now · Unlike · 1
No fine from any For breaking norms