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CA Chukuemeka Akpe (January 02,1962 / Lagos, Nigeria)


Infringing thoughts thunder in this cave of lonesomeness
Incarcerating with deafening peals of anguish and sorrow.
Inharmonious rhythms of yesterday’s esteemed dance steps
Invoke now wriggling fervours to blind and muted séances.
Incessant marches of an army of feet on pleasurable visits
Induced by pleas shunned with bugles of hoarse platitudes.
Inauspicious phase eclipsed the horizon with sombre clouds
Inclement weathers shielded by an umbrella of sparse friends.
Indigent grins seldom crease rich faces responding to needs
Incited by gnawing pangs camouflaged by aged fancy cloaks.
Incommodious guardians of manor hound with snarling notes
Insensitive to scripts of mercy ripped with gruesome contempt.
Inflated ego is deflated with tireless lashing of tongues of thorns
Innocuously coated with docile words guided by guile as smiles.
Inanities gaudily dressed as wisdom are donated at the doorstep
Insipid taste coarsely derided by generous sages of sundry ages.
Intentional discard as antiquated piece by in-house connoisseur
Invites discerning eyes outside brother-german wall for auction.
Incapacitated are the liberal hands mangled by doleful debtors
Indemnified by trite promises ever stretched out on weak words.
Insensate public fed on misery heaped out daily in the spoonfuls
Inertly as zombies, stare at callous displays of human carcasses.
Insalubrious locales welcome with grime as sullied acquaintances
Indignant at garrison of brooms marshaled for monthly onslaught.
Ineffable grief swathes a people habituated to shocks as springs
Inevitably herded to chaos by a vile troop of employers of killers.
Insurrection blows a wind of division with the fans of rebellion
Inimical heat wave slowly strips the land of its firm garb of unity.
Insatiable men gorge on power from bloodstained gold platters
Ingloriously maiming and carving flesh to feed constipated lust.
Iniquity is a proud insignia of terror worn by agents of the law
Intertwined by a covenant of breach with brigands for reward.
Incredulously saturated with sanctuaries that embrace a throng
Infamously grafted as world’s haven for unrepentant fraudsters.
Indomitable spirit as fuel drives a populace emasculated by needs
Insouciantly eke out a living as overfed lords profusely squander.
Incertitude gnaws away at the soul of faith with deceptive nibbles
Indubitable yet a tomorrow warmed by the hot rays of compassion.

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I know of your countries wars and pain of killing. I pray for your peace. I pray now for you my unseen friend across the sea. God's Blessings upon you! God's Servant, Linda
What a mightily crafted approach to a pressing theme! !