Insain Lovers

As we lay with our partners
our minds wonders
when we were lovers
so it ponders the fact we are not done
with two daughters and a sone
we no what is to come
for we share a bond in our hearts
it ways a ton
even though we say we are done
so we have our fun
wanting to secretly to wake up to a new sun
with that light feelin
our lovin
back from wich it was taken
for we have lost our power to go on
so we hurt
so desperately to make each other feel that feeling of pain
that has made us to what we are today
we are the insain lovers
we can be great or we can be fakes
we can make good food or be down right cruel
for we are the insain lovers
knowing that the more we are apart
it only hurts us that much more
from the single dad

by dman adams

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TRUTHFUL... insane lovers, how many of them today, it could the guy besides you, it could the guy you just talk to. it's a blobal way of life. thanks for sharing us and welcome to