SB (August 10,1990 / Port Angeles, WA)

Insane Kind Of Sane

Sleepless nights
restless thoughts
waking nightmares
crimson relief
thoughts so obsurd
just one cut
just one drink
just one pill
starting with one
rapidly it multiplies
weeping unbrokenly
searching for the
ultimate confort
found in a blade
Tears drop
like falling rain
Building walls
holding my love
deep in my heart
how i fell apart
holding my pillow
burying my head
cry my heart out
and grieve
telling myself
never to cry again
emotions buried
six feet underground
everlasting confusion
different now
Walls are present
guarding my heart
another break
i cannot mend
do i dare reach out?
afraid of failure
turn to the cutting edge
deeper and deeper
scarlet rivers
definite luxury
curiosity growing
i keep holding back
Walls built for purpose
am i wrong?
time will tell
controlable no longer
i'm breaking free
mass confusion
unable to think
another sleepless night
mind racing fast
it won't stop
again i'm found
staring at nothing
thinking uncontrollably
an arm is given
instant comfort
finally relaxing
sleeplessly awake
smiling inside
I close my eyes

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WOW I Soo can relate to it Sooo full Thx for sharing this ^^
i can totally relate to you. and you are amazing at expressing yourself