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Insane World
(1926 / Prescott, Arizona)

Insane World

Poem By Franklin J. Warren

This world is so lame,

Full of the mostly insane,

Proliferation of the races,

Until there are no more places!

Talking TV heads that detract,

Instead of giving the fact!

Miserable and many mundane shows,

Instead of a few that glows!

Mediocrity seems to be the goal,

Instead of the intellectual shoal,

The warped and convoluted thoughts,

Of our governmental naughts!

The lack of guts to take a stand,

To support our troops and their command,

And allow lawyers and bleeding hearts,

To control their decisions really smarts!

Their decisions are so crass,

They have to be pulled from their ass,

Because any sensible head,

Would support unconditionally instead!

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