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Poem By Jordan Cummins

Sometimes I think I am going insane,
But people don't bother to say a thing.
I dream of monkeys and elephants too.
Often I live with them in a zoo.
Before the end of my life, I have a goal,
To take over the world and own every soul.
My personality is more animal than man.
But sometimes I wonder how it all began...
It started back around,1980,
I had lost my own old lady.
I began to wonder the meaning of life,
But it was hopeless, I couldn't find a wife.
Lions and tigers and bears oh my...
I ponder of all these things and sigh.
I could be anywhere, or even anyone.
Probably best for me not to own a gun.
Now that I am locked in a small padded room,
I begin to wonder 'Can I eat the moon? '
Although it is rare, I began to think...
People are right, I'm on the brink.

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