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Insatiable Longings

I long to be by your side
To burn in the flame of love's fire
Touch and feel your passion's fervour
Supping it to my heart's desire

I long to be by your side
to feel your body's every breath and pulse
peer into those dark pander eyes
and jump into their depths on an impulse

I long to be by your side
To feel like a babe in its mother's arms
To forget life's tumult and tussle
Safely cocooned from all the storms

I long to be by your side
To bloom and blossom on your way
Like a mist jewelled red, red rose
Never to be cruelly plucked away

I long to be by your side
Like a crooning, brooding dove
My body snuggled close to you
To be lost in the sonata of love

by Valsa George

Comments (12)

Hi, Valsa! It’s been a while since I visited your poems, so I’m just reading this. I like it and think the first stanza favorably compares with anything anytime like it. The use of the verb supping there strikes me as fresh and perfect. Hoping this finds you wellin all ways, Glen
Such romance in this longing to be at the absent ones side. How calm and right the world can feel when are with the one you truly love. In the face of great adversity or eminent death one is lucky to have the one we love giving us hope or strength. Beautiful poem Valsa.....10+
A beautiful poem on love. with its smooth flow and rhyming it feels good reading it. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed.
It's a sparkling piece of poetry! Loved the powerful poetic imagination! I enjoy reading it again and again! Thanks dear madam for sharing this fascinating piece of poetry with us!
Dear madam, you have nicely justified the title of the poem. It is a beautiful poem on longing. I appreciate it.10
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