RW (23 Aug / London)


The feelings that I hold, are struggling to be told
The life that I am living makes me think I should just be bold,
But once you open up, all your mind is there to see
This vulnerability will surely get to me.

It feels to me that if I let go and begin to tell you so
The gate would be open and my guard would be low,
It always felt different when I explained things before
But it seems at the moment I cannot do that anymore.

Its best to keep a lock around the thoughts I have brewing
So many different things in my head, my mind must be stewing,
For it is no longer possible for me to express what I think
Maybe One day though my mind will pull itself back from the brink.

I find it easier to express my thoughts this way, the ink onto the paper
It seems a lot less daunting then carrying on with all that caper,
I guess I could say I am scared of telling all I'm feeling
Its just how I can cope, Its just the way I'm dealing.

When I open my mind, I open my heart
I learnt before that it easily gets torn apart,
The chances of opening my soul once again are slim
There is just no easy way to really tell him.

With the blink of an eye, my thoughts can be hidden
Even though my mind is actually still ridden,
One day in the future If you still want to know
I will do my best, but please be patient If I'm slow!

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Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

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