Insecurities - The Silent Killer

At times I don't feel so pretty, at times I don't feel so smart,
At times I just think my body is a worthless piece of art.
A face filled with acne or areas that are just a little bit too dark,
As I sit by myself, my inner voices always pass a remark

Why can't I just accept myself for the way I am.?
Feel like I'm failing life like it's an exam.
Is my insecurities the reason why I can't stay in a relationship that long.?
Thinking every guy wants me outta my thong, but I'm wrong

What if someone came along to take away the insecurities I have inside of me,
Someone that will stay by my side and not flee,
That will remind me everyday that beauty isn't always what one can see,
But what's on the inside, that's definitely the key,
And guess what, I found thee.

So yes, I don't have the thinest of hips or the biggest of breast,
But I do have an ass with a nice big crest.
So many young people die, from letting their insecurities get the best of them,
But remember, you are special, unique, beautiful, like a precious gem.

So if you don't like something about yourself either change it or let it go,
One has to forget about the negative in order to grow.

by Kelly La Vita

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things that goes through a females mind one time or another... well, they are not so different from the ones that goes through a male's mind.. :)