Poem By Daniel P Martin

Like gazing upon a calm lake, on a cold day,
I see my own faults with crystal clarity,
Occasionally, the waters stir… and I err,
But ultimately, I manage my insecurity.

Thus I support, I love, I appreciate,
I do not dwell on the failings of my peers,
For I could not bear the waters’ reflection,
Were it to reveal pain, hurt and tears.

Life is filled with my psychological brethren,
Sadly, I feel I am in a clear minority,
For seldom is the path of love adopted,
Rarely outward focus is the priority.

Instead, with regret I can only acknowledge,
The prevailing norm is of self preservation
Of exposing the faults and defects of others,
To clamber artificially, above one’s station.

If only, for the briefest of moments in time,
That crystal clear lake should, before them appear,
Surely they would see, surely they would learn,
To seek self gratification through mutual revere.

Comments about Insecurity

wow..this is a really moving, deep write..i like it a lot...fantastic -SG x

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