A very feeble sound- a silence, a deep slumber
A movement and a ghoul's face flown like a kite
A jasmine- bloomed somewhere. A dead leaf and a brawl-
A deep pit. A lot of dreadful shapes floated on the walls
Like drippings leaking from a liquidified vaccum planet
A flying scene. The sky was overcast with darkness
It seemed -somebody moved to rise and the other to get down
In fact, nobody did, but there were some stetches and structures
And there flew a hint -upwards or downwards
A dispersal
A lion-mother was rubbing stone leaving two cubs aside
A gate - an entrance
A rock glittered with all the scenes caught
The first woman danced and sang
Everything was changed forming a new earth
The air was blowing speedily
There were the seabeach, adjacent hills and the youthful waves
There were burials in the wavy water and an eagle festival
A bugle tune. The foot of the ladder
Ice begun to melt
A Stoned body was guarded by taboos at the entrance

Translated by Abul Kayyum

by Matin Bairagi

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