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" I need you like oxygen", said she. "I cannot be without you
even for a second. Promise me that we will never separate."

"I need you, too", he said. "And I promise you we never separate."

But then one day he told her:
"I must travel to the North in order to implement the project."

She was shocked. "But I cannot separate from you, " she said.

"Yes you can", said he. "Think of this in a different way.
Everyone needs individual space, to be alone sometimes.
Solitude and longing for togetherness can mature love and as
the proverb suggests, absence makes the heart grow fonder."

"But my heart does not need to grow fonder", she protested.

"Darling", said he, "we will be together soon again.
I know this is hard, yet necessary. Meanwhile our love
will thrive and sprout in our heart and in our soul.
We will be stronger. Our love will mature and grow deeper."

by Paul Hartal

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