AR (9.1.1973 / BURDWAN)

Inseparable Friends

In the reputed town
The art exhibition is in full swing,
It's a holiday,
People gather to enjoy the display with great spirit and enthusiasm.
They move in a certain row and watch every item with great concentration,
But it's clearly evident from their attitude that it's their false pretense,
Actually they lack real attention and zeal for this.
After a while the noted artist comes,
Whom I know in my heart,
Very simple and gentle in appearance,
He watches everything with great care and reverence,
Truly speaking, it's a great bond of affection and attraction between art and artist,
They are inseparable in every sense,
In fact, the artist inhales with the greatest meaning of these superior artistic skills.
He moves from one place to another and silently appreciate the beauty and class of every art by nodding his head,
He realizes everything about it in the deepest cell of his mind and soul;
That's the beauty of this exhibition,
That's the success of this show.


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