JD ( / Danbury, Connecticut)


Great goodness of sweet loving.
Man you are refreshing that only comes after a drought.
Us straying apart would be like lifting the sand up off
the beach to see what is underneath.

Peeling back the blue sky to take a glimpse of outer space.
Baby, it would be like taking the wetness out of water.
You and me dividing would be like the ocean not abiding on the sea floor.

Who would dare defy this unity.
Who would take vision from the eyes.
Who would take hearing from the ears.
Walking from legs and feet.
Who would take from the animal his meat.

Oh! Precious one of mine.
Not even reality can define.
You and me together.
Without anybody or element being able to sever.

Precious taste in my mouth.
beneficial healing to my system
and gentle thoughts for my mind is,
You and Me

by Josephine DixonBanks

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