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nser eEding hHre (RrRted)
AC (12-16-1981 DOD: everyday / )

nser eEding hHre (RrRted)

We were never
traditional lovers-
but we were
very good at being
conventional fuckers-

The time was convenient
I suppose
and to this day I remember

In vivid afterimage

the rhythm I used to ride you-
and how you'd shudder
and spit a foul stream of semen
into my ripe body-

I remember
in greater detail
how I'd puke
the taste of your tongue
for hours after
you'd left the front door
swinging open-

As if
you were inviting
another pervert in
to take your place
these were your friends,
cold hearted pedophiles
who drooled
at the sight of my
young, plump tits-
firm and sweet
like that apple
poor ol'adam just had to eat.

And later
I was forced to say
' I love you'
in some warped way

By composing mad poems
on your bohemian skin-
it was the only language
I could cipher myself in.

And then later
I admitted
I had to leave you
and you, like a good lover-
remained drowning
in the ashes and smoke
from my virgin fire-

The very fire that
on so many nights
baptized you-

It was a holy suicide
if there is such a thing-

And then much later
the dear john (i hate paper cuts)
and you submerged-

Then came the finality
you had your reality-
and I had mine

And now it's nonsense to say
' we were better off alone'
because we were heroes together-
in some fanatical
sex ed teacher to willing submissive
kind of way-

And now we're dressing down to
the raw honesty-
you used to refer to me as:
' a dangerous fatherfucker

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..........................excellent Amberlee, t'would have been even better a tad shorter. Cheers
great amazing best one yet
Goddamn that poem is cool.rock on. I pictured that scene in basic instinct where she takes the ice pick from him and starts jabbing into the ice block she becomes u and u pause face contorted to write another stanza. mm.
By the way, happy birthday
Miss Carter: Do not write that an honest poem should be rated R. Anything honest, written in careful haste when emotions must be put into exactly the right words, must not be detered from any audience.
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