nser eEding hHre (RrRted)

We were never
traditional lovers-
but we were
very good at being

by Amberlee Carter Click to read full poem

Comments (12)

..........................excellent Amberlee, t'would have been even better a tad shorter. Cheers
great amazing best one yet
Goddamn that poem is cool.rock on. I pictured that scene in basic instinct where she takes the ice pick from him and starts jabbing into the ice block she becomes u and u pause face contorted to write another stanza. mm.
By the way, happy birthday
Miss Carter: Do not write that an honest poem should be rated R. Anything honest, written in careful haste when emotions must be put into exactly the right words, must not be detered from any audience.
blindingly real, Amberlee...that first verse set the tone and WHAT a first verse it was!
Sad...scary...tragic...everything and rendered beautiful in expressive language by Amberlee's pinpoint ability of vivid afterimage.
i like the imagry in this poem. awesome work.
I saved this one for my files. I don't download many poems from amateurs, but this one is as good as they come.
Awesome, powerful, provacative...I can say no more. Reading your work leaves me emotionally drained. Take care Amberlee and Keep the Faith. Kenneth
whoa, this is awesome, Amberlee. i love how gritty and visceral this piece is. from start to finish, powerfully good work. Jake
This is so vivid and powerful and seething, and I think it's brilliant too.