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Poem By Audrey Perniciaro

He found her there
His true love fair
Staring out into the frosty air
Her ebony brow
Her marble skin
Her icy blue eyes
With only despair in
For alas, the one she loved most
Was now lost among the host
Of men who gave their lives
So the rest could survive
She knew not of the one who stood
Next to her hoping she would
Glance his way with those darkly fringed eyes
That were bright as the moon in the midnight sky
But deep down inside he knew his love was for naught
For she never wasted on him a thought
So off to fight he went
Feeling his life was spent
He fought for his country
He fought for his life
He fought for the woman he wished was his wife
And then one day on those war stained fields
His suffering at last, at last was healed!

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how about 'Love is worth fighting' =)

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