Poem Hunter
PN (Oct 1983 / Canada)


Try not to put too much
thought into any of this-
it's the sorta thing that will
only bring you down.
So what if rent is spent
and your source of income
in jeopardy-
you'll find a way.

Playing with the big boys
spitting and cussing
my way through this life
this is the only way to
feel a moment of freedom
this is the way I'm meant to be.
The Devil Woman will
always win.

Don't ask or expect
too much of me.
I'll only disappoint
if you want something out of me.
For I am a drifter at heart
a vagabond woman
I thrive on the pain
of an absence in my heart
a forever longing
of something undefined.

Don't expect compliance out
of me-
I aim to please
but become weary of the
mundane rather quickly
so I'll just slip on my
worn down sandals
and wander again
searching for the next
great adventure
searching for that piece
of life that will fill
this hole
I was born with inside.

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