Fuffy Pillows

I crawled from my bed

Unaware of time.

No concern of mine.

Fluffy pillows left behind.

I clutched my drink from the night stand.

My only thought,

It's still full, I think I'll take a pill.

Instead, I walk out of my comfy confines

Through the rooms I float.

Loving hand long since gone.

I approach my throne.

I sit and pour a cup of lukewarm coffee left behind.

Maybe this will help, I query in my mind.

I guess time tics by me silently and slowly.

I pick up a book , a flicker of thought, then away the thought flees.

All thoughts fade.

I sit and rock.

Dead eyes ahead, still with empty head.

I find myself once again in my bed.

Fluffy pillows beneath my head.


by Ophelia Deborah Payne Jarrett

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Nice line re the: 'enormous furry male husband who is always in his Cadillac Eldorado driving off to sell something to people who do not deserve the bad luck of this mer- chandise in their lives' Witty. I, too, have been swallowed by G.S.
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