Inside I Am Still Me

No longer your gorgeous lady
No longer turned on by what you see,
No longer a foxy vixen
Yet inside I am still me.

It takes body perfection
To excite you now it seems,
I have not what it takes
To live up to your dreams.

No air brushing out my age
No lights to brighten my smile,
I'm no longer what you need
And haven't been now for a while.

My waste is no longer small
My breasts no longer perky,
My flaws are my character
Yet inside I am still me.

The highlights in my hair
Have gone a natural gray,
The crows feet at my eyes
Grow deeper every day.

My age now equals wisdom
Most things I can not see,
I am no longer spry
Yet inside I am still me.

The young things on the street
Now catch your roving eye,
When did I become my mothers age
When did life pass me by?

No longer sexy in my sleep
I snore, we both agree,
When did I lose my sex appeal
When inside I am still me.

Now we sit and talk of life
Our life that's now gone by,
When did I become so old
How did life go awry?

No longer your lady lover
Now you're turned on by TV,
How did I get to old for you
When inside I am still me?

I've added a few pounds to me
But then so have you,
I love just as much
Why can't you love me too?

It's true we've aged together
But now you don't like what you see,
Why do my looks now matter
When inside I am still me.

by Kristi Day

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