SF (February,4,1937 / W. Columbia, WV, USA)

Inside My Bones I Carry Words Of You

Inside my bones I carry words of you.
Dusk is oblivious to everything but blue.
My hand is tracing what is left of light,
Dancing westward upon the rim of sight.

A few warm whispers now are left to shine
Of all the treasured letters that were mine.
The mood we shared is slipping out of place
To glitter like a minaret in space.

No matter that your winter went too far
For me to reach by caravans of stars.
Solace is printed on my windowpane,
In case your poem comes this way again.

Previously published, The World Poets Quarterly, China

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i am speechless, Sandra, i cannot find the exact words what to say..it is here in my heart..i wanted to shout it out what i feel right now..This is very touching, you give me peace of mind today..I LOVE THIS VERY, VERY MUCH
I absolutely love this poem. It was my favourite one read out loud and I played it more than a few times to really capture the words. It is sublime and you covered perfectly how a cherished one's words stay within our bones and within our soul. Just beautiful. HG: -) xx
This is sad, but not maudlin. For me, it draws the image of somene sitting by a window as the sun goes down, holding an old poem or love letter in one hand, and remembering. It's a beautiful image and I'm glad I picked this poem to read and spend a little time upon. Thank you for writing this, L&T
Your poetry reaches and touches me at an incredbily deep level. This poem was no exception. Bill Grace
Impeccable poetry, Sandra, and so moving. Your singular gift of marrying image and metaphor is awe-inspiring. And the theme of solace with acceptance touches the reader's heart. Love the minaret metaphor. I'm so glad I found this one. love, Allie xxxx
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