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Inside Of You

let me in, inside of you
With my love let it soothe,
By taking you up, and lying you down,
Riding with you all around.

Let me in, inside of you,
The voice I heard it speak
I'll tell you things you've never known
And take you places you always wished.
I'll tell you things no one knows
And the places only I have seen,
Then I'll show you how, true love grows;
And what makes all men weak.
I'l tell you why, women cry
For the love they'll soon deny
Then I'll show you love inside of us,
That has always been out of sight.

Let me in, inside of you
And I will show you many things
I will show you champions
Then I will show you kings,
While I am inside your dreams.
Then I will be with you every night
Answers to you, I will give
I will show you love
And I will show you hate
Then I will show you a love so true.
Then I will tell you why, lovers cry,
If you will let me; inside of you.

Randy L. McClave

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